EWGA Bringing Women Together On and Off The Course

(Palm Beach Gardens, FL, May 20, 2014) The EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association) has been bringing women together for over twenty-three years. Since its inception in 1991, the EWGA has served as a portal to golf and touched the lives of tens of thousands of women. This month, EWGA is bringing ladies together with their nation-wide celebration of ‘Nine & UnWind.’ 

‘Nine & UnWind’ is truly a way to introduce new individuals to the game of golf in a non-intimidating environment. Across the country, EWGA chapters are encouraged to participate and invite others in their community that are new to the game of golf to come to a relaxing event and learn about the EWGA. With 81 events to date and 44 chapters participating, this is one of the largest nation-wide celebrations the EWGA has ever had.

“EWGA is not only about bringing women together on the course, but also about providing a sense of community for women who belong to the EWGA,” says CEO Pam Swensen. “This month, we wanted to show a different side of the EWGA. ‘Nine & UnWind’ really allows women to join together on and off the course.”

Known for enriching the lives of women through the game of golf, the EWGA exists to connect women to learn, play, and enjoy golf for business and for fun. By inviting women into the game of golf, the EWGA provides a great opportunity for women of all skill levels to enjoy the game. They offer a wide range of organized golf activities, learning programs, volunteer, social and networking opportunities for both novice and experienced golfers. In addition, the EWGA becomes a great place for strengthening relationships, forging lifetime friendships, and promoting business and networking opportunities in their community.   

As the month of May marks this nation-wide celebration, the EWGA continues to bring women together on and off the course by using the game of golf as a connector.

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About the EWGA

As the largest women-focused amateur golf association in the United States with chapters in nearly every U.S. major market and corporate center, the EWGA has connected more than 100,000 working and professional women who share a passion for cultivating relationships and enjoying the game of golf. Offering a wide range of affordable organized golf activities and educational programs, this award-winning association – long recognized as the golf community for women - has been driving social and networking opportunities for its members through the game of golf since 1991. With EWGA Chapters located in more than 120 cities throughout the United States as well as in international locations including Bermuda, Canada, Italy and South Africa, EWGA members are active participants in hundreds of communities. EWGA is a tax-exempt 501 (c) 6 membership association.  

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