EWGA Celebrates Let’s Go Golf this June

(Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Monday June 1, 2015) EWGA celebrates “Let’s Go Golf” this month with over 2,000 events being hosted by the Association from coast to coast. EWGA invites all golfers to participate in one or more of these exciting playing opportunities.

“Golf is more than just hitting a golf ball,” says EWGA’s CEO Pam Swensen.” It’s about being outside, meeting new people, having fun and getting exercise. Our events will get you on the course, connected to new people and help you advance your game to the next level.”

Throughout June, EWGA Chapters nationwide will support the Let’s Go Golf theme by hosting a variety of events in their communities. Local coordinators from EWGA Chapters will provide organized opportunities to get out on the course and play with a fun group of golfers of similar playing abilities. From basic rules to competitive play, EWGA will help boost your confidence both on and off the course. 

“With the golf season now in full swing, this is an open invitation to join us. We are a group – a community of women – that takes fun seriously. After all, golf is a social game that creates memorable experiences and lasting relationships. Why not join us this month and get out and play?” says Swensen. “

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About EWGA

As the largest women-focused national amateur golf association in the United States with chapters in nearly every U.S. major market and corporate center, the EWGA has connected more than 100,000 women who share a passion for cultivating relationships and enjoying the game.  Offering a wide range of affordable organized golf activities and educational programs, this award-winning association has been bringing women together through golf since 1991.

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