EWGA Delivers Avid Golfers and $63 Million Annually to Golf Industry

May 17 | Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. - The Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA) represents more than $63 million  in annual golf-related spending, according to a recent EWGA member survey conducted by the PGA of America. With over 100 chapters throughout the United States and using 111 members as a chapter average size, each chapter represents nearly $600,000 in golf-related spending.  

"EWGA members are great customers who love the game and EWGA," says Pam Swensen, CEO of EWGA.  "This purse power is real. Collectively, our membership represents millions of dollars in economic clout, both in their golf-related spending and as the primary purchasing decision maker within their households. EWGA at 25 years young continues to be the “go-to” golf community for women. I invite companies to connect with us that want to reach this influential consumer group.”

EWGA has been opening doors and welcoming women into golf for 25 years. These women take both golf and fun seriously, with members playing an annual average of 42 18-hole equivalent rounds. Chapters across the EWGA footprint generate 4,600 rounds per year in their communities. 

Each year, May through September, EWGA Chapters across the country host leagues, clinics, golf events and social gatherings providing more than 2,500 monthly opportunities for women to get connected through the game of golf.

“Golf and EWGA deliver so much for a women's well-being,” adds Swensen. “From business connections, fun-themed golf experiences, fundraisers to competitive play, we provide options to get outside, de-stress and develop friendships for a lifetime and perhaps win a prize or two!  We invite all women to join us and get more out of this great game of golf."

Founded in 1991, EWGA is the only women’s golf community with a national chapter footprint in more than 100 major cities in the United States as well as international chapters in Bermuda, Canada and Italy.   The EWGA golf community for women is comprised of a broad range of golfers from beginners to experienced players who take fun seriously. Annually, EWGA hosts thousands of golf, social and networking opportunities throughout the country as well as major national competitions and events. Members are accomplished, interesting professional women from a collection of diverse backgrounds. EWGA is locally connected and nationally respected. For more information see

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