Celebrating 25 Years of Women's Golf with 25 Days of Gifts

Join EWGA as we celebrate 25 years of women's golf. Each day, beginning January 5th, we will be awarding a gift to a lucky person - members or non-members to join in on our 12 months of celebrations.

Each day there will be a different prize in January - so you need to enter each day to win!

Day 25 - 25 Days of Gifts


Final Day of EWGA's 25 Days of GiftsFRI, JANUARY 29TH

Whether you want it straight up or on the rocks, these sparkling old fashioned crystal glasses exude modern sophistication and urban cool. The EWGA logoed glasses are conversation starters all their own, with a thick base, wide mouth and simple cuts that radiate upward.

How befitting this is the final gift from the 25 Day’s of Gifts. Raise your glass to EWGA’s 25th year and we hope to see you at the EWGA 25th Anniversary Celebration & Golf Experience April . Cheers!



Cheers to EWGA's 25 Days of Gifts

Congratulations Corinne V. from Des Moines, IA, the final winner of EWGA's 25 Days of Gifts. Thank you to everyone that participated and stay tuned for our next contest!


Day 24 - 25 Days of Gifts


Day 24 of EWGA's 25 Days of GiftsTHURS, JANUARY 28TH

Running late because the power went out on your alarm clock? Don’t be caught in that situation again with this beautiful EWGA logoed clock. To top it off, it has a ring of bling. Gotta love those shiny objects!




EWGA Logoed Clock - Day 24 of 25 Days of Gifts

Congratulations Kathleen M. from Milwaukee, WI Day 24 Winner!


Day 23 - 25 Days of Gifts


Day 23 of EWGA's 25 Days of GiftsWED, JANUARY 27TH

That cup of coffee you just made was sitting on your desk for an hour and is now ice cold. If you had this EWGA logoed white double-walled mug to store it it it would still be at your ultimate coffee drinking temperature (or hot toddy if it is later in the evening). 





EWGA Logoed Double Walled MugCongratulations Yvonne P. from Louisville, KY, Day 23 Winner!


Day 22 - 25 Days of Gift


Day 22 of EWGA's 25 Days of GiftsTUES, JANUARY 26TH

Is your swing in need of a little help? The GolfTEC Swing Evaluation is an essential step in starting your improvement. During this 60-minute session a GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach will analyze your swing and guide you through a plan for improvement. 

This prize was donated by GolfTEC to help celebrate EWGA's 25 Days of Gifts.



GolfTec Swing Analysis

Congratulations Carol S. from Milwaukee, WI Day 22 Winner!


Day 21 - 25 Days of Gift


Day 21 from 25 Days of GiftsMON, JANUARY 25TH

Are things just flying by too fast? Well, use this EWGA logoed paper weight to tether down loose papers and it can also substitute as a magnifying glass. Don’t you just love stuff that is double duty.




EWGA Logoed paper weight from 25 Days of Gifts

Congratulations Danielle P. from Orange County, CA - Day 21 Winner!


Day 20 - 25 Days of Gift


Day 20 - EWGA 25 Days of GiftsSUN, JANUARY 24TH

What do 30 successful women do? Why write a book about their experiences on and off the course, of course!

The EWGA Foundation Best Selling book focuses on golf Golf as a conversation starter, equalizer, and door opener in these women’s careers, as well as in their personal lives, opening lines of communication and providing great settings for relaxation and fun.




Teeing Up for Success - EWGA 25 Days of Gifts

Congratulations Carole S. from Pittsburgh, PA, Day 20 Winner!


Day 19 - 25 Days of Gifts


Day 19 - 25 Days of GiftsSAT, JANUARY 23RD

This is a great conversation piece. The Golf Cart Desk Clock is a fun desk accessory has actual mini golf clubs in the back of the cart! The windshield displays time, date, week, countdown timer, alarm with snooze and temperature. 

5 function buttons on the roof of the cart for easy adjustment.



25 Days of Gifts - Golf Cart Clock

Congratulations Jennifer S. from Albany/Capital Region, NY, Day 19 Winner!


Day 18 - 25 Days of Gifts


Day 18 - 25 Days of Gifts EWGAFRI, JANUARY 22ND

Golf style trends change every year. This trend never gets old. A Barth & McCallig silk scarf with a golf theme. 

You will be rocking the golf course with this lavendar silk scarf. 


Barth & McCallig Silk Scarf EWGA 25 Days of Gifts

Congratulations Cindy R. from Kansas City, Kansas, Day 18 Winner!



Day 17 - 25 Days of Gifts


Day 17 25 Days of Gifts - EWGATHURS, JANUARY 21ST

The EWGA Den Caddie. What a wonderful keepsake to store your golf items (or umbrellas) in the off-season. Use it as a year round reminder of the sport you love!

The winner will receive 1 EWGA logoed golf caddie.

Congratulations Kathy Y. from EWGA Knoxville, TN. Day 17 Winner!

25 Days of Gifts Den Caddy

Day 16 - 25 Days of Gifts


Day 16 - 25 Days of Gifts with EWGAWEDS, JANUARY 20TH

These Clarissa Tumblers are great for keeping your hot stuff hot and your cool stuff cool.. Their name is Latin for "Clarice" meaning bright and clear, brilliant with clarity. The official tumbler of EWGA, these American made tumblers are made of Tritan are dishwasher safe, BPA-free and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

The winner will receive 6 (26 oz) Clarissa Tumblers


Clarissa Tumblers - 25 Days of Gifts

Congratulations Christine K. from New York, NY Day 16 Winner!


Day 15 - Days of Gifts


Day 15 of 25 Days of Gifts with EWGATUES, JANUARY 19TH

Insightful profiles of golfing celebrities, business leaders and “everywomen” are found in each issue, along with extensive travel, dining and lifestyle features. Practical hair and beauty tips for active women are included, along with fashion, health, home and fitness coverage.

Beautifully designed and informed by an advisory board that includes Annika Sorenstam, LPGA pro Paula Creamer, Latina Golfers Association founder Azucena Maldonado, Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman and others, our content is built upon the core principal thatWomen’s Golf Journal is a “no judgements” publication: we believe that all women are beautiful and capable, and that golf can serve to enrich a woman’s life, her relationships and her physical and emotional well-being. Also included with today's gift of the day is a Flower Power head cover. So not only will the winner be informed about Women's Golf with their magazine subscription, they will also be ahead of the game with this Women's Golf Journal Head Cover. 

Women's Golf Journal and Flower Power Head Cover Day 15 of EWGA's 25 Days of Gifts

Congratulations Darlene S. from Columbus, Ohio Day 15 Winner!

Day 14 - Days of Gifts



Are you all puttered out? Your short game need a helping hand? Well this new putter can give your game the lift it needed and get you back on track.

Golf Giveaways - 25 Days of Gifts

Congratulations Judy H. from Charlotte, NC Day 14 Winner!