Katie (Tewell) Brinker 2014 EWGA Champion

The Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) crowned Katie (Tewell) Brinker the 2014 EWGA Championship Finals Champion at The Hermitage Golf Course in Old Hickory, Tennessee on Saturday evening October 11, 2014, with husband Zach on the bag as her caddie. With four consecutive birdies starting at the 312-yard, par 4, 15th hole to finish her final round, the 29-year old medalist begins her reign over EWGA’s 14,000 members.20140717dj katie brinker 5

October is Discover EWGA month

How much do you know about EWGA? Well, this month we are testing your knowledge via a scavenger hunt. Clues, quests and questions will be posted via, the Member Clubhouse, EWGA Connections newsletter, EWGA Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn sites. The first bonus quest was posted in yesterday’s Connections Newsletter. This week’s quest can be found on your local Chapter website under the title of "Hot News from EWGA HQ – October 2014”.

Good luck to everyone! If you are stumped, there are two lifelines that you may use during the contest (you can only contact EWGA Headquarters 3 times for hints). Please email your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The goal is for you to discover and learn more about EWGA. Be empowered, be an Explorer, be an EWGAer.

Discover EWGA

Positive Step Forward by Royal & Ancient Golf Club

The Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA) applauds today's announcement by the R&A that recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion to move the game of golf forward.

The significance of women to the future of this game cannot be underestimated. As gatekeepers of the family, decision-makers in business; the values represented by this great game and by-products generated from the goodwill it generates, have been embraced by our inclusive grassroots-based organization for over 23 years. We are the leaders in connecting women to learn, play and enjoy the game of golf for business and for fun.

Pam Swensen


Picture REUTERS/Susan Plunkett


The Home of Golf Welcomes Women

Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews ended a 260-drought by voting to allow women to become members. 

 The global membership of roughly 2,400 members, “voted overwhelmingly” Thursday to allow female members, effective immediately.

“This is a very important and positive day in the history of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club,” Dawson said, before adding: “I think it’s a very positive message for the game of golf. The R&A, in its position as a governing body for the game, I think it’s quite right that the members have agreed to embrace this concept and welcome women members to the club.”st andrews

EWGA Going for the Greens

“It’s no secret that golf opens doors for business opportunities and forges relationships” says Pam Swensen, featured panelist at the "Go for the Greens" conference (September 11-13, 2014), whose organization has been harnessing golf’s power for over 23 years. “Integrating business and sports into your life can be a game changer. I look forward to discussing what the game offers both personally and professionally and how the EWGA delivers on making the women’s golf experience welcoming, productive and of course, fun!”   

The event is run by Go For The Greens Foundation, Inc., a Florida nonprofit as well as by a volunteer team from organizations that include the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) and EWGA among others.

EWGA CEO Pam Swensen was a speaker for two of the sessions, with Becky Macaluso, EWGA Managing Director, Chapter & Member Services and Penny Larson, a Past President of the EWGA Board of Directors participating.

Go for the Greens is a not-for-profit venture operated by the Go for the Greens Foundation Inc., a 501c3 based in Orlando, Florida. Its all-volunteer board of directors and planning team consist of leaders from the foundation’s supporting organizations. Corporate partners include Go for the Greens co-founders and 2014 Title Sponsors UPS and Walt Disney World. Strategic partners include 2014 Title Partners WBENC and Rally for the Cure.goforthegreensbeckypennypam140

Golf – for the Health of It


In honor of EWGA's Staying Fit Through Fall month, here are some quick facts from a report by Walker Research Group: 

  • A walked 18-hole round, carrying a bag or using a hand/pull cart, is approximately equal to a 5-mile walk.
  • The total caloric expenditure for an 18-hole round is approximately 2,000 calories for walking while carrying clubs, and 1,300 calories when riding in a cart.
  • Since walking is biomechanically more efficient than running, playing an 18-hole round of golf walking is roughly equivalent to a 3.5 to 4-mile run.
  • When walking 18-holes of golf, blood glucose levels fall by up to 20% for the young, 10% for the middle-aged, and 30% for the elderly players, and body weight is slightly reduced among all age groups.
  • Repeated golf practice enhances balance control and confidence among all age ranges.
  • Older golfers tend to have better static and dynamic balance control and confidence than non-golfing older, healthy adults.
  • Regardless of handicap, sex, or course played, golfers exceed 10,000 steps during a typical round of golf – which meets the guideline for exercise recommended by most medical and clinical physicians.



Golf Channel introduces 'Relaxed Rules' for Fun Golf

Golf Channel has recently introduced its "Relaxed Rules" series, designed to help golfers have more fun when playing.  The idea is to welcome new golfers by making learning the game less intimidating while promoting a fun side to the rules including:

  1. Maximum score is double par
  2. Penalties are all one stroke
  3. Limit ball search to 2 minutes
  4. Improve unfortunate lies
  5. Conceded putts allowed
  6. No equipment restrictions
  7. Use common sense
These seven rules promoted by Golf Channel for amateur golfers are likely to make the game more fun and take less time.  golfchannel

Nancy Lopez Golf is an EWGA licensed vendor

We are pleased to announce Nancy Lopez Golf, Inc. as our newest licensed vendor.  Known for their dedication to "Defining the Women's Game" through leading products that enhance the complete golf experience for women, the brand embodies the spirit and energy of women's golf and its namesake, Nancy Lopez.   

Nancy Lopez Golf apparel has been a favorite brand with women golfers for years, based on their quality design, fashion and comfort both on and off the course.  Nancy Lopez Golf also offers plus sizes designed to fit and flatter women of all sizes.    

Nancy Lopez Golf is offering EWGA members a 10% savings for all purchases made through their online store. View the benefits tab in the EWGA Member Clubhouse for your special code to receive the discount code.

U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball Championship in 2015

The United States Golf Association (USGA) announced the opening of entries for the inaugural U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball Championships at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, in Bandon, Ore.  The event takes place in May 9-13, 2015 and is the first new event added to the USGA's competition roster in more than 25 years. 

Players may register online for the championship through 5 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Aug. 6. Qualifying will take place in this fall and early spring of 2015.  

"The U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championships represent the USGA's commitment to support and advance amateur competition," said Daniel B. Burton, USGA vice president and Championship Committee chairman. "This format is broadly popular in all 50 states and at golf clubs nationwide and should produce spirited team play, camaraderie and enjoyment for both the players and spectators."

Visit the USGA website for additional information.


EWGA and Mentoring

EWGA is focusing on mentoring during the month of July. How does mentoring work with golf? I have a great personal story to share on how these 2 work together. I didn’t start playing golf until my children were going off to college. I had the good fortune to be invited to a EWGA Kick off event. I went and had a great time but I didn’t know anyone there. I joined EWGA because I wanted to learn the game. I spent the next 2 years taking lessons and clinics offered through our chapter. I met women at the clinics but didn’t feel confident going out on the course. Our local chapter offered a mentor-ing program and I signed up for it. I live out in Suffolk so had the good luck to be assigned a mentor close to home. Missy called me up and invited me to lunch. We hit it off and she would be my cart buddy at events. I learned about course eti-quette, when to pick up my ball and how to use the rules to my advantage. I gained a great friend who offered me encouragement with my game, involved me with the chapter leader-ship and helped me meet a wonderful group of women who love the game of golf. If you are a mentor in this year’s program, reach out to your mentee and help her learn the game. Sched-ule time with her and get to know her. If you are the mentee, say YES when your mentor calls and reaches out to you. You could gain so much more than golf skills!

This article is reprinted from the EWGA Hampton Roads From Tee to Green newsletter.

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Make a Positive Impact - Be a Mentor

Having a female role model for a young girl makes a difference.  Girls learning and playing the game of golf will have a friend both on and off the course. 

The month of July is Mentoring month for all EWGA Chapters. So catch the spirit,  be a mentor and make a difference.

Summer Sales Fever

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