What She Really wants for Valentine's Day

Roses are pretty, but lose their bloom too fast. Candy only adds to the waistline. What your Valentine wants for Valentine's Day is something from the EWGA Foundation" I Love Golf" Online Auction!

From Golf Play and Stay's to accessories, this auction is for women on the go! Follow this link to start your holiday shopping early. Hurry, it only lasts 3 days (February 8-10, 2016). Let's go bid!

What's New in Golf for 2016

What's hot for 2016? Check out the PGA Merchandise Show recapThe long anticipated PGA Merchandise Show ended last week. So the question is, what's hot for 2016?

The EWGA Forecaddie was at the show and can't wait to tell you about it. Follow this link to read more.

Spreading the Word in Florida about Women's Golf

Spreading the word across Florida about Golf

Westward ho was a resounding cry of the settlers of the United States. So was the cry of Nancy Oliver, EWGA Founder. When she went to expand the EWGL to two Chapters, she expanded to the west coast of Florida in the Tampa Bay area.

Read this week's Founder's Files blog to find out more about the early strategies of building the EWGA.

Do you know your Social Media IQ

Do you know your Social Media IQ Score?

A lot of people know their SAT scores, their credit rating and social security number. How about your social media IQ?

Take this quick test and see exactly where you end up on the scale! [MORE]

Stay in tune with the biggest week in golf

PGA Merchandise ShowStay up to date with the biggest golf show of the year in Orlando, Florida. The 2016 PGA Merchandise Show is a destination for everyone in the golf industry. It is a virtual Who's Who in golf.

Follow EWGA as they send updates from the show - what's new, what's up coming, what's going on! On Twitter (@ewga) or Facebook ( EWGA has hit the pavement and will be giving updates. [MORE]

Who Would believe you could be fit for a Golf Ball?

Be Fit for Golf Ball fittingWomen golfers know that fitting in is key to game improvement. Having a relationship with your playing partners, as well as a comfort level with the golf staff are all key items. Getting fit for your clubs and now even your golf ball.

Read this weeks EWGA Forecaddie to get the 411.

Final Week for 25 Days of Gifts

Final Week for 25 Days of GiftsIt's hard to believe - time flies when you are having fun. We are on Day 18 of 25 Days of Gifts. 

It has been an overwhelming success with members and non-members entering to win. You can enter too, simply follow this link

Good Luck!

Wanted More Women in Golf

It takes a village to start a golf association. Join EWGA founder, Nancy Oliver, on the quest to start the fledgling  EWG in the early 1990's. It's starts with the legendary "28" and the different helping hands along the way.  [Read More]

Judy Bell to be Honored at 2016 U.S. Open Championship

Judy Bell will receive the USGA's highest honor, the Bob Jones Award, June 14, 2016. The ceremony will be during the week of the 116th U.S. Open Championship at Oakmont (Pa.) Country Club.

Judy has been a long time supporter of women's and girls golf. She helped found the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program. Among her many accomplishments, Judy was the first female president (1996-1997) of the USGA. [MORE]

(Photo Credit: World Golf Hall of Fame)


Beware of Bunkers Water Hazards Trees on the Golf Course

Beware of Bunkers Water Hazards Trees on the Golf Course

Golf courses are full of challenges. Water hazards and bunkers are just a few of them. Trees, the rough, out of bounds are all moments of anxiety for women golfers. 

Read this week's EWGA Forecaddie to help overcome the hazards of hazards!

Creating a Women Friendly Environment to Play Golf

EWGA Founder Nancy Oliver's Founder's Files BlogStarting any business is a challenge. The first few years are the most memorable from all the lessons learned. Nancy Oliver, the EWGA founder, has agreed to give us her remembrances from 25 years ago when EWGA began.

So join Nancy as she delves into her scrapbooks, and she tells the story that was a dream of one woman that became a reality.

Have you Entered to Win Yet?

25 Days of Gifts - Have you Entered Yet?

It is Day 9 of the 25 Days of Gifts. So far winners have been from across the US: from Portland, OR to Orlando, Florida. Entering is easy, just follow this link.

Remember, registration is only for that day’s prize. If you want the next day’s prize, you need to register again. This is open to everyone, member or non-member. We are celebrating 25 years so we want to share the love everywhere!