Golf for Business Women: Wave Goodbye to the Glass Ceiling

Women's Golf - Getting beyond the glass ceiling

Women striving to get ahead in their careers have found the glass ceiling hard to overcome. Adding golf to your repertoire eliminates that barrier.  Business connections thrive with the introduction of golf.

Golf has always been a game of relationships. Add to this the health aspect and being in the great outdoors, it's a win-win proposition. [MORE]

Golf for Women: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Golf Acronyms

Golf for Women: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Golf Acronyms

Everyone uses acronyms these days. From LPGA to EWGA, what do they stand for?

The Executive Women's Golf Association uses the acronym of EWGA. What about NGCOA, ASGCA, USGA...I think you get the drift. This week's EWGA Forecaddie gives you the key to unlock these mysteries.


Golf for Women: Suzy Whaley Aims High at the PGA

Golf for Women: Suzy Whaley Aims for the Top

Suzy Whaley is proof that persistence will pay off. Last November, she was the first female officer elected to serve on the PGA of America board.

"Hopefully I have inspired some people. As we tell our daughters, 'Don't settle for ordinary goals. Set some high goals, and who knows, you might make them,'" said Whaley. [MORE]

(Photo Credits: Twitter @suzywhaley)

Golf for Women: Protection from UV's just got a whole lot prettier

Wearable Technology for UV Protection - JUNE

Women golfers have found technology to help them with just about everything. Wearable devices track how far you walk, yardage on a golf course and now, how much uv's you are getting.  

This wearable device has the appearance of jewelry in the form of a bracelet or brooch. Called JUNE it contains UV sensors that track sun exposure throughout the day. [MORE]

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Women's Golf: Lydia Ko Canadian Pacific Open Champ

Lydia Ko, 2015 Canadian Pacific Open Champion

Lydia Ko, currently the #2 women's golfer in the world, won the 2015 Canadian Pacific Women's Golf Open. This is the third time she has won this title.

Ko won a playoff with Stacy Lewis with a par on the first hole.

"This feels amazing," Ko said. "I had an amazing week. ... To play good golf in front of great crowds was one of the highlights of this week. I feel somewhat Canadian." [MORE]

(Photo Credit: Instagram @lydsko)

Golf for Women: The Biggest Problems with Advice

Did you know that the "Rules of Golf" prohibit giving advice to another player? Also, you aren't allowed to ask for advice either?

Say what? Read about this little known rule in this installment of the EWGA Forecaddie blog.  You may never give advice again!


Women's Sports is Reaching The Top Shelf

Lexi Thompson fresh off her victory at the Meijer Classic

This summer women in sports have been in the spot light. The U.S. Women's Soccer team, Serena Williams, and Jen Welter - the first female coach in the NFL.

EWGA CEO, Pam Swensen writes about this exciting time in her "On Par with Pam" blog   [MORE]

Learn to Golf on the Course Not the Range

For years, new golfers have spent hours on the range hitting balls. Once they have mastered the skill, they then venture out to the golf course. Not anymore! The newest trend is to learn on the course. A new golfer navigates there way around it, which is a critical step on your road to becoming a golfer. [MORE]

Women's Golf: The Pathway for Leadership

Women golfers find that the game is every changing. A slice will send your ball in one direction and you will have to change your game plan. In business, this is also true. Leaders need to be flexible in business. A major customer leaves your firm and you have to make adjustments.

You can always use a tuneup in your game. Taking lessons from a LPGA/PGA golf professional can improve your game. In business, keeping current with the latest trends keeps your company marketable. [MORE]

A Duo Championship Weekend of Triumphs

EWGA Championship Semi-Final Results

This past weekend was a flurry of activity for women golfers at the EWGA Championship. Two semi-final competitions completed for Metro Northeast and Ohio Valley.

Metro Northeast Semi-Finalists competed at the Golf Club at Mansion Ridge in Monroe, NY .  Ohio Valley Semi-Finalists competed at the Bent Tree Golf Club in Sunbury, OH. Complete results from the Metro Northeast and Ohio Valley Semi-Finals can be found on the site.

This weekend has two more semi-finals. The Northeastern will be at Pinehills Golf Club, Plymouth, MA. The Upper Midwest competitors meet at the Thornberry Creek at Oneida, Oneida, WI. Good luck to everyone competing.

Golf for Women: 8 Quick Tips About Thunder & Lightning

Did you know that golf is the only sport that has a rule about lightening ? The USGA "Rules of Golf" (Rule 6-8) allows players to stop play due to lightening.

Thunder and Lightening are nothing to play with. Read this week's EWGA Forecaddie blog for safety on the golf course.

Golf for Women: More Championship Results from Chesapeake Semi-Finals

The EWGA Championship is the largest women's amateur golf tournament of its kind. More than 2,400 members take part throughout the United States and Canada. The Chesapeake Championship Semi-Final finished last weekend.

Congratulations to all participants at Dauphin Highlands GC in Harrisburg, PA.  

Chesapeake EWGA Semi-Final Results