Golf for Women: Golfer Tan's that Won't Burn

Golf for Women: Tan's that Won't Burn

How do you tell the difference between a swimmer and a golfer? Pale feet and mid-sleeve outlines are one of the badges of honor lifelong golfers. Sun screen, sun glasses and lip balm are a few of the trade secrets used for protection.

Read this week's EWGA Forecaddie for more tips on keeping your skin protected. [MORE]

Golf for Women: Quick Tips on Bunker Etiquette

Golf for Women: Quick Tips on Bunker Etiquette

Golf is a sport with unwritten rules of etiquette. Stuff that you are "supposed to know" which unless you were born into the game, you don't.

Follow this week's EWGA Forecaddie on the ins and outs of bunker etiquette. [MORE]

Golf for Women: There's More to a Scorecard than Meets the Eye

There is more to a Scorecard than Meets the Eye

Things change in golf.  Rules (ask any USGA Rules official), course conditions, and weather to name a few. One constant in any players game is the score card. It hasn't changed much. It's still has 18 holes and gives the yardage of each hole from the different tees. There are a few items on the card you might not have noticed.

What else can is on a scorecard? Find out in this week's EWGA Forecaddie blog. [MORE]

When Good Sportsmanship Prevails at Women's Golf's finest Tournament -Congrats Team USA

This past weekend Golf fans experienced an emotional roller coaster. The Solheim Cup brought this to the forefront on Sunday morning at the 17th hole. Europe versus the United States.

Is this type of competition a pre-cursor to the 2016 Olympics? The crowd enthusiasm was no longer for a favorite player, but for their country. Chants of Go Team USA and Go Team Europe were everywhere. Catch up on Pam Swensen's first hand encounter with this anticipated re-match. [MORE]

Golf for Women - Can you Go the Distance?

Golf for Women: Can you go the Distance?

What can a woman do when you don't have a distance measuring device or a GPS in your golf cart? How can you determine which club to use on the course to get the most power in your drive?

Learn how to use distance markers in this week's EWGA Forecaddie blog.

Golf for Women: Why We Love Devices (And You Should, Too!)

Golf for Women: Why We Love Devices (And You Should, Too!) Distance Measuring Devices

Technology has advanced the game of golf. Do you use it, abuse it or never touch it.

Distance measuring devices are becoming the norm. Which one best fits you? Find out in today's EWGA Forecaddie blog.

The Future of Golf is Beer Pong?

The Future of Golf is Beer Pong? Putskee

How do you practice your putting stroke anywhere, anytime, anyplace? The new Puttskee may be the answer. It is portable and brings back memories of college Skeeball tournaments. Just add a Beer Pong chaser!

Prices range from $344 to $844 (or close to a golf course membership). It looks like fun, but is it worth the price? [MORE]

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Women's Golf: The Benefit of Walking

In Golf Walking is always better than riding

Women golfer's have the dilemma each time they get on the golf course:  Should they walk or drive a golf cart. Those that choose to walk benefit by achieving their 10,000 steps a day goal.

Did you know that pushing a golf cart for 18 holes is the cardio equal to running 4 miles? [MORE]

Golf for Women: Are you an Innie or an Outie?

Golf for Women: Are you an Innie or an Outie? One Club In and One Club Out

Speeding up Pace of Play is always on every golfer's to do list. This week's tip is on whether you are an innie or any outie.  Intrigued yet?

Check out this week's EWGA Forecaddie to get the answer to this burning question.

Women Often have Advantage in the Golfing Industry

Women Often have Advantage in the Golfing Industry, Sara Bush

Women in golf have a greater opportunity because it’s not as competitive as it is for men. Just ask Sara Bush, head golf professional at The Country Club of Landfall, Wilmington, NC.   "I haven’t had any challenges a man in my position wouldn’t have,” she said.

Getting more women into the game of golf is high on Bush's bucket list. “I think being a female in the golf industry is a tremendous opportunity to help introduce other females to the game.” [MORE]

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Self-Driving Golf Carts are the Future of Women's Golf

Self-Driving Golf Carts are the Future of Women's Golf

Imagine as a woman golfer having your own private non-driver on the golf course. Huh? Self-driving golf cars have transported over 500 passengers in Singapore. 

Over 98% of the participants said they would ride again in a self-driving car. How would this work on the golf course? Time will tell. [MORE]

Golf for Business Women: Wave Goodbye to the Glass Ceiling

Women's Golf - Getting beyond the glass ceiling

Women striving to get ahead in their careers have found the glass ceiling hard to overcome. Adding golf to your repertoire eliminates that barrier.  Business connections thrive with the introduction of golf.

Golf has always been a game of relationships. Add to this the health aspect and being in the great outdoors, it's a win-win proposition. [MORE]