Celebrating the Champion in Everyone

As November comes to a close, we are making a promise to continue to celebrate champions throughout 2016. 

Read EWGA CEO, Pam Swensen's blog on women reaching for greatness

Golf for Women: Have you Had your Greens Today?

Golf for Women: Have you had your greens today. Aerating Greens.

We've all seen it. The thousands of drilled holes on the putting green. Why do they do that? The grasses used on common greens are  temperamental. To continue to grow while being cut to 3/16 of an inch, the grass needs long roots. The roots capture oxygen and water which is vital to all green plants.

Why do they always pick the middle of golfing season to do this? Check out this week's EWGA Forecaddie for the answer. [MORE]

Women Keeping up Appearances on the Golf Course

Women's Golf Keepin Up Appearances on the Golf CourseDo you repair ball marks that aren't yours? The turf on the putting green is always in different states of repair. Good golf etiquette states that when you fix your ball mark, that you fix another one or two that aren't yours.

This week's Forecaddie is about those pesky ball marks on the green. When is it proper to fix them and how to fix them. [MORE]

EWGA Celebrates Champions on Veterans Day

EWGA Celebrates the Champions from Veterans DayNovember 11th is a special day for all Americans. Everyone knows a veteran, either a friend or family member. Today is the day to honor these Champions of our nation. Read EWGA CEO Pam Swensen's Blog honoring a very special veteran in her life. [MORE]

Golf for Women: The Who's Who of Golf

Golf for Women: The Who's Who of GolfThe world wide web can be confusing for both women and men golfers. The EWGA Forecaddie blog has compiled a list for you to find various golf related websites. Bookmark the page to come back each time you need a shortcut to your favorite golf sites.


Golf for Women: Signs You Should Invest in New Golf Clubs

Golf for Women: Signs You Should Invest in New Golf Clubs

Which clubs should you put in your bag?  Most women golfers struggle  hitting long irons, so why no try using  a hybrid?

Get advice on your golf set composition in this week's Forecaddie blog.


Enter to Win the EWGA Championship Challenge Contest

Enter to Win the EWGA Championship Challenge Contest

Get your entry in for the 2015 EWGA Championship Challenge. Friday begins the final journey for 224 participants at the EWGA Championship. All entries are to be submitted by 6:00 PM, Thursday, October 29th.

The grand prize is a limited edition PING Solheim Cup backpack.   Follow this link to win!

Golf for Women: Do you Know the Golf Tipping Point?

Golf for Women: Do you Know the Golf Tipping Point?Knowing what to expect on the golf course is half the battle for women golfers. Tipping varies at each course, so what do you to do?

This week's EWGA Forecaddie blog focuses on tipping. Or whats the green on the greens?[MORE]

Women's Golf has Entered the Cool Zone

8 Reasons Golf is Cool

Women's golf entered a new phase in 2015. It now has excitement and controversy to fuel the fan fire. In other words, golf is cool.

Suzann, Brittany, Stacy, Michelle and Paula have taken the game to the next level. Here is a listing of 8 Reasons Why Golf is Cool. The untold secret that all golfers already knew. [MORE]

Where would Golf be without Milestones?

Where were you on October 21, 1995? Today is Back to the Future Day, and it's filled with what's new and what never came to fruition. 

Golf has always been big on looking back at many magical moments. Relive some of these moments with EWGA's On Par with Pam blog. Visit the past, present and future! [MORE]

Golf for Women: The A to Z of Golf and Push Cart Etiquette

Golf Cart and Push Cart Etiquette

The Cart Path Only sign is a normal sighting in the  Pro Shop during rainy weather for all women golfers. Straying onto the fairways with your golf cart could harm the terrain.

Cart safety and cart etiquette go hand-in-hand. Read this week's EWGA Forecaddie to gain more insight. [MORE]

The Successful Business Woman's Secret to Success: Sports

Business Women Golfers in SportsEWGA has paved the leadership road for many women in the business world. Now there is proof that sports makes the woman. 

There are three top leadership skills developed by sport. They are the ability to see projects through completion, motivational skills and team-building. Also, a background in sport is a positive influence when making a hiring decision. [MORE]