Are you Ready for the Challenge?

EWGA Championship ChallengeIt's finally here, the much anticipated EWGA Championship Finals in Lansdowne, VA. Here is your chance to have a bit of fun on the side, by predicting the winners of the EWGA Championship. There are four flights, plus the Championship flight and the Scramble division.

Follow this link to get started on this competition inside the competition.

Countdown to the EWGA Championship Finals

Countdown to the ChampionshipThe countdown has started for the EWGA Championship Finals on October 14 and 15 at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia. The 226 competitors will be joined by family, friends and volunteers for a two-day competition in five flights and a scramble division.  Will Katie Brinker make it a three-peat?  You can be there - guest play opportunities and volunteers welcome. Go to the Finals tab to learn more. 

Real or Artifical Grass, What does your Range use?

Range mat real grass or artificial

Most golfers don’t like to hit from artificial mats at the practice facility for a variety of reasons.  Learn why facilities use artificial turf mats, how you can minimize turf damage and how to practice properly when hitting from mats.  [MORE]

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The Ryder Cup Schedule - When and What to Watch

When and What to Watch at the Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup, the biennial men’s golf competition between teams from Europe and United States, begins today.  Learn about the history of the Ryder Cup, what to watch for and brush up on the different formats played over the next three days as we cheer Team USA on to win back the Ryder Cup.  [MORE]


Golf's 7 Deadly Sins

Success in golf can be fleeting. Some days you have it, some days you don't.

Often, our best rounds are defined by our ability to eliminate or minimize mistakes. Whether it's missing the fairway or flubbing a chip, ghese mistakes come in all shapes and sizes.

So how do we idnetify and avoid these mistakes?

Well, The A Position has taken a unique approach and grouped these mistakes into the well known "7 Deadly Sins":

  1. Pride - an excess belief in your own abilities, such as "I can carry that water hazard.."
  2. Envy - a desire for others traits or abilities, as in "I can hit just as far as you.."
  3. Gluttony - consuming more than one desires, like saying "I think I'll have two hot dogs at the turn..."
  4. Lust - a constant craving of pleasure, like "I don't need to take a break..."
  5. Anger - envoking fury or wrath, such as "I swear if I don't make this 3-footer..."
  6. Greed - an excess desire for material wealth, similar to "I can reach Par-5 green in two..."
  7. Sloth - an avoidance of work, like "I don't need to practice to improve..."

Check out the full article for this unique approach to identifying and avoiding these costly mistakes.

Only 4 degrees could help you break 80

The Secrets to Breaking 80

Do you consistently score in the 80s but struggle to break 80?  Chances are you have a solid golf game but could benefit from consistency from the tee and keeping the ball in play.  Learn some hints to help you break 80.   [MORE]

EWGA Welcomes New CFO

EWGA Chief Financial Officer Brian McNultyJoin us in welcoming Brian McNulty as the first Chief Financial Officer to EWGA. "We welcome Brian to our management team," says Pam Swensen, EWGA CEO.

"Brian's experience and expertise will help us maximize our service to members.  The strong role of EWGA continues to bring more women into the game of golf, " Pam added.  [MORE]

Breaking the 90 Golf Barrier

Breaking the 90 Golf Barrier

Do you have a goal in golf to break 90 when playing?  It’s time to evaluate how many greens you hit in regulation and focus on your iron play.  Learn other hints to help you break 90 here.  [MORE]


Rid Yourself of First Tee Jitters

Don't worry - it's happened to ALL of us at some point: you step up to the first tee in an uncomfortable setting, and all of the suddeen, you get nervous. It doesn't matter if you're a scratch golfer, an experienced player or a newbie - the first tee jitters are real and can strike anyone, anywhere.

But don't fret! With a a little practice and perspective we can turn those first tee jitters into nothing but minor butterflies. Golf magazine, The A Position, has a few words of advice:

"Regardless of your golfing ability, this is the vey time to organize your emotions and declare to yourself that at least for the next few moments, you own the tee. It is your safe bubble, your happy place. It’s not enough to think it, you must feel it. You are just stepping into your “safe area” with the realization or feeling that you have as much right to be there and perform as anyone. You’ve earned it no matter your supposed station in the game or life for that matter."

"And should you still experience what you’ve always known as fear, acknowledge it, thank it, but reframe it into “excitement.” Love the opportunity to play in this safe bubble and you will gradually put fear back into a tiny corner."

Read on for The A Position's full advice on ridding yourself of the first tee jitters. [MORE]

Golf Fever continues Q-School advances Olympians

Ashock in Q School“I think I proved in the Olympics I was good enough to compete,” Ashok said. “It’s something I look forward to doing more often.” These are the words of the youngest player in the women's field at the Rio Olympics, India's Aditi Ashok.

Fresh from her Olympic experience, Ashok passed the first round of Q-School. The LPGA Qualifying School is a series of tournaments. Players that "graduate" from Q-School become members of the tour the following season.

What was Aditi's most memorable Olympic experience? “My father thanked me for making him a part of it all as my caddie,” Ashok said. "I felt lucky to have him with me, and to see how happy he was all week.” [MORE]

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Myth versus Fact :Uncovering the Real Rules of Golf

Separating the Myths from the Facts in GolfThe line between fact and fiction is often blurred. Here are a few myths we've heard on the fairway and the actual facts behind them. [MORE]

The Olympics Boosted Golf to a Worldwide Audience

Tiffiny Chan, Hong Kong Olympic Athelete

The Olympics has always been cheering for your home team. The United States has been one of the larger medal winners at the games. This has given many a myopic view of the sporting competition.

“I think it’s a huge matter now that golf is an Olympic sport,” said Nhung Tang of Vietnam. “It does inspire me, and it also inspires junior golfers in Vietnam.”

“Just to be called an Olympian is something I will treasure,” said Tiffany Chan of Hong Kong. She finished 37th in Rio. [MORE]

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