Keeping her focus on target Lydia Ko Stays Outside Olympic Village

Lydia Ko lives outside Olympic Village

World #1, Lydia Ko, won't be living in the Olympic Village during the games. Why? "I feel like I should try and not change my routines that much," said Ko. "I'm staying with my sisters so I should be in a similar atmosphere off the course -- I feel that would be a good way to go.

"I don't want to change my routines that much even though it's the Olympics." [MORE]

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Olympics will Project Women's Golf to an International Audience

Charley Hull at the OlympicsWomen's golfers are getting ready for this week's Olympic debut. British Golfer, Charley Hull feels that the Olympics are a chance to “give back to the game.”  It's an opportunity to project women’s golf to an international television audience of billions. [MORE]

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Who's Playing with Who - the Women's Golf Olympics Pairings Announced

Olympic Women's Golf Pairings Announced

It's almost here. Women's Golf is back in the Olympics after a 100+ year absence. The pairings for Thursday were released today.

The earliest tee times are 7:30 and the last tee time (with Lydia Ko, Anna Nordqvist and Charley Hull) is scheduled for 11:09. See who your favorite player is paired with.  [MORE]

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Are you Ready to Compete?

EWGA Championship Prep

Getting ready to play in a big tournament?  Pick up on some tips how you can best prepare for competition [MORE]


"How I Made My First Hole-in-One"

Today, golf made history by returning to the Olympics after a 112-year absence. Shortly thereafter, on the par-3 fourth hole at the Olympic Golf Course, Justin Rose claimed his piece of history by making the event's first hole-in-one.

Which got us thinking, what does it take to actually make a hole-in-one? Was it luck? Skill? Some combination of patience and persistence?

For the answer, we turned to this Janina Jacob's personal account of her first hole-in-one:

“Your mind is stronger than you think. By concentrating on the trouble, your mind thinks ‘Water! Trees! Sand!’…..and that’s where you’ll go. The mind doesn’t hear ‘don’t.’ Instead, focus on where you want the ball to go.”

For Janina's full take on the experience and what it takes to make a hole-in-one, read her recap at The A Position.

Par 3 Taken to the Next Level

The Golden Bear still has a golden touch, Jack Nicklaus

The Golden Bear now has a golden idea. He has created a new course with 12 par-3 holes on it. Jack Nicklaus designed something “unique and different.” The course is more playable for families and below-average golfers.

“You are going to see a lot of hole-in-ones,” said Nicklaus, who has made 21 in his famed career. “And that’s a good thing.” [MORE]

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Who is your Olympic Golf Favorite?

Women's Golf Returns to the 2016 Rio OlympicsThe debut of women's golf is next week. Who will win Gold, Silver and Bronze? Give us your predictions and you could win a $25 gift certificate. [MORE]

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The Slight Difference Between Women Golfers and Men in Regards to Scoring

Gerina Pillar Olympic Athlele

Did you know that there was only .59 points between the top men golfers and top women golfers? The world's top five male players have a scoring average of 69.327 per round. For the top five female golfers it's a 69.916 average. That is where the similarity ends.

The men's tour earns 5 times more than the women's. And this is one of the reason's that some detractors are saying why the top men aren't attending the Rio Olympics. There is no prize money to compete for. [MORE]

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Women Athletes are Top Advertisers for Olympics

2016 Team U.S.A. Olympic Gymnastics Team Team U.S.A. has brought the largest group of female athletes to the Summer Olympic Games. 229 of our finest athletes are in Rio competing to bring home the gold.

​The advertising community is capitalizing on the huge number of younger female viewers. Here are 10 of the most intriguing ads by our top Olympic athletes. [MORE]

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What's the Score on Handicapping?

What's the score on handicapping?

Why do I need a handicap? How do I establish a handicap? How many rounds played are required to establish a handicap index? Did you know that EWGA members receive a handicap with their membership?

These questions and more in this week's EWGA Forecaddie.[MORE]

Meet Golf and America's First Female Olympic Champion

Playing Golf on a Smaller Scale

24 year old American art student, Maragret Abbot was just visiting Paris during the 1900 Olympic games.

Unbeknownst to her, Ms. Abbot would go on to become both the first female golf champion and America's first female Olympic champion.

This is her story. [MORE]

Speeding up Pace of Play with new Golf Course Design

Playing Golf on a Smaller Scale

Bill Boswell was seeking a design concept. Boswell spent a good chunk of his career designing huge golf courses across the world.  Now, like most baby boomers, he is looking to downscale. Boswell is designing  a golf course on a smaller scale. One that a round lasts 45 minutes.

"You’re just walking a nature trail and playing golf very quickly. It’s also a great way to introduce kids into the game", says Bill Boswell. [MORE]