EWGA Forms Member Emergency Fund

The camaraderie and relationships formed through the EWGA extend far beyond the golf course. It's only natural that an organization like ours prioritizes the safety and well-being of EWGA members, competitors and friends in good times and in challenging ones.

We're grateful to announce, in light of recent natural disasters which have impacted EWGA chapters across the country, that the EWGA Foundation is establishing an EWGA Foundation Member Emergency Fund.  

The purpose of the Fund is aid current EWGA members in good standing who have been adversely affected by a natural disaster or similar (i.e. house fire). In most cases, victims of these catastrophes will have their basic needs met by the Red Cross, FEMA, and other local Charitable Organizations, in addition to insurance coverage.

The intent of the EWGA Foundation Emergency Fund is to assist Members in ways that these organizations do not. Primarily, funds will be used to help affected members with their personal wellbeing and provide support from their EWGA family. Initial donations to the Emergency Fund could even be used to cover membership renewals for affected members so that they may continue to lean on the EWGA in good times and in bad.

More details related to the fund, including how to pledge your support or seek assistance from, will be announced in the near future.

The love of golf is what brought us together, EWGA is committed to helping us stay together in good times and bad!