Starting from Scratch

This is the first entry in a monthly blog series from Jane Geddes, a two-time LPGA Major Champion and current CEO of the EWGA. "My plan with this blog is to routinely check-in with our Membership on a monthly basis," said Jane. "I will do my best to inform the membership of our progress and report on any developments along the way. It's been great meeting EWGA Members during the past few months and I'm looking forward to meeting many more in the months to come."



When the final putt dropped at the 2017 EWGA Cup Finals, presented by Baird Private Wealth Management, and the winning team's danced their way to the podium to receive their just rewards, the official 2017 EWGA competitive season came to a close! It was October 31st and it's the day that I've been talking about with EWGA Members for the last few months. I often teasingly referred to it as "my first real day on the job!"


Alright, that's not entirely true but I personally highlighted that particular day as the "new beginning" for myself and the rest of our Association. I've now been on the job for six months and have seen first-hand the passion and enthusiasm that EWGA Members bring to every social, professional or golf event they attend. Six months, in some respects feels like a long time, while in others, it feels as though we've only just begun.


As I've discussed during Leader Calls, Town Halls or with whomever would listen, the EWGA has morphed into an interesting variety of golf personalities.


On one hand, we are a competitive home for women who love to compete on a national level. On the other hand, we are a local “club” organized for women who have chosen golf as their connection to other women in their communities. Somewhere in the middle,  we are a little bit of something-for-everyone with golf as the common thread.


That middle, however, is where the vast majority of our members live… our secret sauce, as some say.  While this middle ground seems like a comfortable little niche that probably could be left alone, something about that “middle” has intrigued me on a regular basis.


Some of you have probably heard me say, “2,000 women attempt to qualify for EWGA national events, but what about the nearly 10,000 who don't?”


It begs the question (a lot of questions, actually):

  • What are we doing for those 10,000 EWGA Members across the United States, Canada and Bermuda?
  • Are these Members happy?
  • Do they find value in their EWGA Membership?
  • Would they suggest to others in their community that the EWGA is a worthwhile organization to join?
  • What more can we do to ensure these Members stay with our Association and help spread the word?

And that brings me back to October 31st, the end of the Cup Finals and where we go from here.


First, as many of you are already aware, the EWGA will be rebranding. While we don't have specifics to share this exact moment, I can tell you one thing for certain: the word “Executive” will no longer be a part of our name.


To be clear, we're not saying that the "E" of EWGA will no longer be a focus. Some already substitute "Executive" for "Every" or "Energetic". The "E" of EWGA is who we are and how we got to where we are today. It represents all the amazing women who work full-time jobs and volunteer for full-time leadership roles with each of your Chapters. These people are the ones who deserve all the credit for making the EWGA what it is today.


But it's time to broaden our horizons and expand our reach to all women who play or aspire to play this great game.


The future of the EWGA not only holds a new name and a new identity, but also a new national event or two that hopefully caters to those 10,000 plus members who I spoke of earlier. The future of the EWGA means an increased focus on our Chapters, including better succession planning, effective governance, enhanced programming tools, improved touchpoints with EWGA staff and greater regional connectivity among existing Chapters.


From where I stand now the future does indeed look bright. Our Association has plenty of work to do but we are committed to making our golf community for women bigger and better than ever.