EWGA CEO Pam Swensen Shares Ways to Attract Women Golfers

October 26 | Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.-  Speaking on "Marketing to the Power of the Purse" at the Midwest Golf Course Owners Association (MWGCOA) Conference in Oakdale, Minnesota,  Pam Swensen, CEO of the Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA) shared insights from the organization's 25 years of promoting women's golf.

"Women want to feel welcome. It is that simple," says Swensen. " Yet how facilities can make that happen takes a constant, concerted effort at every touch point.  One surly ranger or a neglected bathroom can change the entire golf experience.  They may bring the situation to your attention, but more likely, they will simply take their business elsewhere."

While only 20% of U.S. golfers are women, they represent considerable revenue potential. Just the members of EWGA, with local Chapters in over 100 communities around the country, annually account for more than $63 million in golf-related spending, according to a PGA of America survey.

"Our members are avid golfers," says Swensen. "The survey revealed that members play an average of 42 18-hole equivalent rounds and each spend an average of $5,356 on golf activities, equipment and golf-related travel. The EWGA Golf Course Network is their 'go-to' directory to find the best playing opportunities that welcome EWGA members."

The EWGA Golf Course Network provides a listing and link on the association website as well as a EWGA membership for one of the course's employees to foster an ongoing relationship with the local Chapter. Courses in the Network are given preference when booking both Chapter and national EWGA events. Learn more.

Swensen also referred to the National Women's Golf Alliance (NWGA) as an independent third-party that can help golf facilities to ensure that they are "Rolling Out the Green Carpet" for women.  EWGA is a founding partner of the organization that offers a certification program to assess facilities in five key areas: Golf Course Playability, Customer Service, Golf Course Amenities, Facility Amenities and Golf Programs.  See 

"Research shows that women want to play golf," adds Swensen. "With a welcoming environment, strong customer service and thoughtful consideration of amenities and course playability, you can attract more women golfers and capture the 'power of the purse'."


The Midwest Golf Course Owners Association(MWGCOA), a chapter of the National Golf Course Owners Association, is an active voice for golf course owners and operators in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. The MWGCOA serves to promote, protect and educate its members who also automatically become a member of the National Golf Course Owners Association, with over 3000 golf course owners speaking as the industry voice for the Golf Course Owner.

About EWGA

The EWGA is THE Golf Community for Women, locally connected and nationally respected. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2016, EWGAis the largest women-focused national amateur golf association in the United States with Chapters located in more than 100 cities as well as international Chapters in Bermuda, Canada and Italy. A recent survey conducted by the PGA of America found that EWGA members are avid golfers and annually generate over $63 million in golf-related spending for the golf industry.

The organization holds thousands of golf, social and networking opportunities throughout the country as well as major national competitions and events. Its members are a diverse group of women from new to experienced golfers and cover a broad spectrum of career paths.

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