Add this to your Pre-Season Checklist - Get Fit for your Golf ball

Golfball fittingMost of us know it's important to have our golf equipment properly fit - using the correct clubs that are fit for your swing and body type can make a vast improvement in your game.  Do you stop with club fitting or do you continue and ask your local PGA/LPGA Professional for a ball fitting?  Many people don't stop to think that the golf ball you play can help improve your game as well.

If you think about an average round, most scoring opportunities happen around the green.  Many women have difficulty reaching the green in regulation, so when looking for more distance, they select a low spin golf ball that helps with additional distance, but isn't designed to hold shots into the green.  Most golfers can benefit from a softer ball that is designed to land softly and stop on the green rather than hit and skid off the green.  (This also happens since most green complexes are designed to hold a shot from a higher-lofted club, rather than the lower trajectory shot from a longer iron or hybrid).

Many ball manufacturers offer golf ball fittings.  Some may be an online fitting – where you answer questions and the computer determines the best ball “fit” for your golf swing, shots, etc.  You may be lucky to participate in a ball fitting at a local demo day – where you can actually hit and compare golf balls.   

Most companies have moved away from "compression" golf balls and offer two and three-piece golf balls designed to help players score better.  When you are shopping for golf balls, look for a ball with more spin and stopping power.  Go through a golf ball fitting and you will find and be able to tell the softer feel of the ball coming off your clubface. They are designed to offer more stopping power and to help you shoot better scores.  Have your local Professional help you find the best golf ball for your game.