Healthful Golf Snacks

Healthy Snacks for Golf

For years the standard golf course “snack” at the turn was a hot dog, with a bag of potato chips and a soda to complete the “meal.”  That was long before chicken salad wraps, roasted almonds and kale chips.  Golfers today have more options when it comes to food and beverage offerings making it easier to select healthful food options on the course during the round.

Eating properly on the golf course is important to maintain your energy level and avoid drops in your blood sugar levels that can cause you to “crash” and not perform your best.

While many golfers would prefer a frozen Snickers bar, here are some healthful golf snacks many golf facilities now offer for you to purchase at the course that provide protein and energy during your round:

  • Nuts– Almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, etc.  If you like sunflower seeds, please don’t dispose the shells on the golf course (no one likes to putt through or remove sunflower seed shells on the putting green.)  You can add raisins, craisins or other dried fruit to make your own golf “trail mix.”  These are easy to make and store in a Ziploc bag and keep in your golf bag.
  • Nutritional snacks– granola, granola bars, energy bars, trail mix, chickpeas, edamame, kale chips, etc. are all healthy snacks that are easy to pack and make for a quick snack while playing. 
  • Veggies– Carrot sticks, celery, cucumbers, etc.  You can always bring a small container of hummus for dipping the veggies.  Some veggies are harder to transport and keep, but in general they are great to satisfy your hunger during the day.
  • Hand fruit– Apples, (cut into wedges), orange wedges, bananas, grapes, berries in yogurt, etc. are great to eat on the golf course.  They are easy to keep in your bag until you want a quick snack and are pretty easy to eat between shots.  Fruit gives you energy, without a crash, which is why you see many Professional golfers eating bananas and other fruit during their round.
  • Beef Jerky– this is a great golf course treat that comes in a stay-fresh bag and provides a lot of protein.  There are some varieties that are flavored as well, if you like spicy or Cajun jerky – look for all-natural brands that don’t have MSG, salt or other chemicals.
  • Popcorn– a fun and easy snack to have in your bag either in plain, cheese or carmel.  If you like the cheese flavored, avoid the cheddar (orange) as that residue from your fingers doesn’t look good on your golf shirt!
  • Cheese cubes or cheese sticks– these offer a good source of protein and carbohydrates and are easy to bring since they come in individual packaging.  Not just for toddlers anymore!
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches– a quick bite of a PB&J sandwich provides protein as well as 27 percent of a person’s recommended daily intake of fat.  Smuckers makes a fun version of a “sealed crustless” PB&J appropriately called “Uncrustables.”  You can find them in the freezer section of the grocery store available with grape, strawberry, raspberry jelly or honey with peanut butter on white or wheat bread).   Throw a frozen Uncrustable in your bag or purse and in 30-minutes you have a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Regardless of what you buy or bring to the course, making healthy choices will help you to stay your best during the round.