How to Execute a Great Pitch Shot

How to Execute a Great Pitch ShotLast week we focused on the importance of practicing the short game to see immediate improvement in your golf scores and I shared some chipping secrets (remember, this is a swing where the club head stays low, below your hands on the backswing and follow-through.)

To hit a pitch shot, use a wedge or lofted club, open your stance and play the ball in the middle of your stance.  You want your weight evenly distributed with your club shaft and hands pressed slightly forward.  The key to a successful pitch shot is creating a “hinge.”  You want to hit down on the ball to make it go up in the air.  Avoid the tendency to want to “lift” the ball – make a good swing and let the ball get in the way so the club does all the work.  The clubhead goes above your hands on the backswing since you hinge your wrists to make a longer swing, but it stays below your hands on the follow-through.  The clubhead will be low and to the left of the target on the follow-through. 

Here are some pitching secrets:

  • Use most lofted club – PW or SW
  • Some people improve by abbreviated back swing with full follow through (usually those who have bad rhythm)
  • Ball position – middle of stance
  • Eyes over ball
  • Loft and bounce on clubs
    • You do not have to help the ball up - the ball gets in the way
    • Downward hit - ball up in the air
    • Finish with club head low and pointing left of target

Check back next week for bunker shot secrets.