Mentor New Golfers

MentoringAs part of the EWGA theme for July “Mentor New Golfers Month” we are pleased to partner with The First Tee for a third consecutive year.  The two national organizations are proud to come together to help increase female role models and mentoring opportunities.  

Many EWGA Chapters and The First Tee chapters are partnering to host events throughout the year to support mentoring activities, especially during July as both organizations focus on a Mentoring theme during July.

With EWGA Chapters in 108 communities throughout the United States and approximately 170 The First Tee chapters nationwide, the partnership is a great way to increase female participation through a welcoming, non-intimidating environment.  For the past two years, EWGA Chapters nationwide have worked with their local chapters of The First Tee through a variety of events to mentor young golfer participating in The First Tee Chapter events.

Last year, more than 35 EWGA Chapters partnered with their local The First Tee chapter to conduct special events for female participants and contributed more than $21,000 to support The First Tee.  In addition to traditional nine hole playing opportunities where EWGA members could mentor young women, some activities included hosting a golf fashion show, collecting golf equipment for the youth to use, a girls night out on the golf course and even hosting an LPGA Tour player at an event.    

The EWGA is proud to help The First Tee’s “Growing Girls Through the Game” initiative that will positively impact the lives of countless young women who would not otherwise have the opportunity to grow through the game of golf.

Another opportunity to mentor new golfers on the course is through the EWGA Grads to Golf program, designed to introduce MBA or graduate students to the game of golf.  EWGA Grads to Golf is a six week program that combines classroom presentations with hands-on golf instruction.  It also includes a Clubhouse Orientation designed to make a new golfer comfortable at the facility and on the course.  The program culminates with a Graduation Scramble – where local EWGA members are paired with the students for a 9-hole on course event.   This is a great opportunity for both on-course as well as off-course mentoring.  To start or help with a local program, contact Le Ann Finger, EWGA Director of Player Development. 

We all enjoy playing golf for a number of different reasons, but the best one is introducing someone new to the game and helping them navigate the golf course as their mentor.  Have fun!

(Photo Credit: The First Tee)