As a countdown to our 25th Anniversary Celebration in Colonial Williamsburg in April, EWGA Founder Nancy Oliver has agreed to write a weekly column and share her amazing collection of newsletters and press clips revealing the early years. 

Creating a Women Friendly Golf Environment

We all knew that women were eager to take up the game in a women-friendly, welcome environment.  But the golf industry was starting to recognize the importance of better catering to the women’s market as well…and the dollars that it promised to bring into golf courses that were actively participating. 

Beginner lessons were one thing, but having beginner-oriented follow up events and activities were crucial to having these women stay in the game.  What better environment to progress after the lesson phase than 9-hole fun outings with fellow members!   The Executive Women’s Golf League (as it was called back then) was becoming the answer for both the women who participated, and the golf courses that catered to them. 

Thanks to our very own Trish Davis (now Trish Leary Joyce) for helping to educate golf course owners to this concept in this article in Golf Market Today, and to Joe Steranka of the PGA of America for getting behind us in the early stages of the game.  Both were instrumental in the rapid growth that we experience in our second year of existence!