As a countdown to our 25th Anniversary Celebration in Colonial Williamsburg in April, EWGA Founder Nancy Oliver has agreed to write a weekly column and share her amazing collection of newsletters and press clips revealing the early years. 

South Florida Media Take Notice

Shortly after the first few series of clinics at Emerald Dunes in the summer of 1991, I was getting inquiries from women in various parts of South Florida.  I contacted another one of my clients, the Carolina Club in Fort Lauderdale, to arrange for an EWG clinic there.  On the opening afternoon, several Miami TV stations arrived and started broadcasting live from the putting green. Reporters from a variety of south Florida newspapers and publications - the Miami Herald, The Public Golfer and Sports Forum - wrote stories on the phenomena that was unfolding at the Carolina Club. 

They all seemed to find this concept to be rather interesting – women taking up the game of golf so they could use it for business – what a novel idea!  The South Florida media took the ball and ran with it!