As a countdown to our 25th Anniversary Celebration in Colonial Williamsburg in April, EWGA Founder Nancy Oliver has agreed to write a weekly column and share her amazing collection of newsletters and press clips revealing the early years. 

We've Come a Long Way, Baby...But Still Have Far to Go

Women's Golf has come a long wayBehind the scenes, the Executive Women's Golf League was instrumental in bringing the issue of gender discrimination to the forefront.  Behind the scenes, we connected reporters with women who had experienced the frustration of discrimination within their club.  As noted in this article in the Miami Herald, many south Florida clubs fell into that category, right in the back yard of our own EWG headquarters.  So we took every opportunity to provide ammunition for interested journalists across the country, including USA Today.

Our efforts behind the scenes included support in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, New York to name a few - simply connecting all the women who were facing these issues so they could all work together within their state, and to connect those groups to the leaders within other states who had found successful approaches.  As noted in this article "Golf:  Not just for (business)men anymore", you can see that Michigan tied the punishment to removing a club's liquor license.  This approach, unlike clubs in other states who simply said "So fine us", got serious traction.  

I recently read an interesting article within which our own Pam Swensen and long-time supporter Nancy Berkley were recognized (note the paragraph entitled "Is there hope?").  

It provides an interesting read, written more than 23 years after the article noted above.  Yes, we're still at it ladies but making progress.    

In December of 1997, one of golf's long standing publishers, Charlie Stine, published one of my favorite pictures, coined "Golf's Leading Ladies".  It was a significant photo back then, because it was the first and only time that three women served as the President of some of golf's most significant organizations in golf at the time.  I took great pride in knowing that our tag line at the time was coming true - EWG - Making a Difference Together.  And I still do!