Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

Empower yourself to exceed in golf and increase your confidence by being part of EWGA's Golf community for women.

  • A minimum of ten (10) active members is required to qualify.
  • All Corporate members will join at the EWGA Classic Membership Level and membership is contingent upon the individual employee completing a membership application and submitting dues payment.
  • The entire membership fee is due at the time a member joins.
  • Memberships are renewed on an annual basis and dues are non-refundable.
  • A discount code, specific to the Corporation, will be at the top of the application for employees to use when they join EWGA.



Secrets to Improvement - Sharpening your Short Game

Secrets to a great short gameMany golfers have a stretch goal of breaking a specific score for golf – maybe that’s breaking 100, 90 or 80.  Over the next three weeks, we’ll explore hints to help you break your milestone score goal. 

As we have discussed in the past, the best way to lower your score is to sharpen and own your short game.  Take time to carve out practice time to focus on your short game.  Perhaps that’s taking your wedge or putter and really practicing – not just hitting a few balls and hitting some lag putts – but spending 30 to 60-minutes practicing your short game.  Get a bucket of balls and practice the fundamentals of a good chip or pitch shot.  Doing this repetitive motion will help you develop a smooth, consistent chip or pitch shot.  This easily transitions to the golf course as you will have increased confidence when faced with this shot.

The same holds true with your putter.  If you struggle to break 100 on a regular basis, chances are you have more than 36 putts per round (meaning that nasty three-putt enters your game more than you’d like.)  Since the majority of your shots are around the green, take time to really practice and work on that part of your game.  Many of us have played with a golfer who doesn’t hit a long ball from the tee, but they still make par or bogey because they have a sharp short game and don’t take extra shots on or around the green.

Keep track of your putts on your scorecard when you play.  Assuming you will two-putt every hole, only write down the one-putts and three-putts.  Try to have fewer than 36 putts per round.

Make sure you are reviewing the basics of a good putting stroke when practicing.  Your eyes should be right over the ball and your stroke should be a smooth back and through motion, creating a consistent stroke.  My favorite putting drill is to practice making 10 putts from one putter length away (usually your putter is 33” to 36” inches long) so this is an easy three foot distance putt to practice.  If you miss a putt, you have to start over until you can make seven, eight, nine or ten putts in a row.  Once you do that you move to two putter lengths (or roughly six feet away) and try to make another seven, eight, nine or ten putts in a row from that distance.  If you miss a putt, go back to the three foot putt until you hole consecutive putts from that range, before moving back to the six foot range.  You will be amazed at how much confidence you have in making a three-foot putt after practicing this drill.

If your goal is to two-putt every green, you now have the confidence to stroke your first putt within a three foot circle of the hole, knowing you can make that three foot putt.  Of course, the goal with chipping or pitching is to hit that ball within that same three foot circle, to set yourself up for some one-putt greens. 

Practicing your short game with solid chips and putts will have you on your way to breaking 100.

The Return of Golf to the Olympics

The Olympics brings Golf back in 2016Golf returns to the Olympics for the first time since 1904.  Check out who is representing Team USA from the LPGA Tour, the format, the venue and when you can tune-in to watch women compete for the first time in more than 100 years.  [MORE]

EWGA Business and Birdies for social media

Elevate your Access to Great Golf Experiences and so much more....

  • You are smart, successful and savvy.
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  • Your decision is an easy one – Yes! I love to play golf and yes I want to save money on this game I love.
  • This amenities package is available to all Classic, Young Professional or Senior Members for only $195 annually with an actual value estimated at $1,125.

What's Included:

  • Two annual cart fee rounds per year at ClubCorp owned properties – that’s right no green fees (this savings alone covers the minimal annual Business & Birdies fee!)
  • Two rounds of golf per month while traveling away from home for business or pleasure at the “guest of a member rate” at ClubCorp properties
  • Two business club reservations per month
  • Nationwide ticket access to Broadway shows along with concert and sporting events
  • Your personal ClubBenefits concierge line to reserve your bookings

This privilege is yours with access to hundreds of private country clubs, athletic clubs, city and business clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues across the ClubCorp Network while traveling for business or pleasure. Thank you ClubCorp for being a valued EWGA partner.  (Value: $600+)

And there's more:
  •  A Premium Membership from Preferred Golf entitling you to a free round of golf when booking a two-night stay at a participating Preferred Golf Member Resorts (value: $295) 
  • Quarterly subscription to the only women’s golf publication: The Women’s Golf Journal  
  • Exclusive EWGA logoed Business & Birdies Golf Shirt • Specially designed EWGA Bag Tag 
  • Invitations to EWGA VIP Event receptions at EWGA National events 
  • Year round access to the EWGA Discount Club offering exclusive purchase offers on golf apparel and equipment from EWGA Partners

If you love golf, love to travel, like personal attention and care with a personal concierge service – it’s time to elevate your access to great resorts, great experiences and fabulous opportunities. Simply because you are a member of EWGA – the golf community for women – this Business & Birdies package is available to you for only $195.

To activate this Business & Birdies package today, call 561-691-0096, Ext. 111. Or order on line at, under the Membership tab – you can easily download a form. You deserve it!

A Special Invitation for Women of KPMG

A Special Invitation for the Women of KPMG

EWGA Welcomes KPMG

EWGA shares KPMG's vision of advancement and empowerment of women on and off the golf course.

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Whether you are established in your career, just getting started, or embarking on a new career, EWGA offers opportunities to cultivate relationships outside the workplace while enjoying the # 1 networking sport – Golf!


  • Membership in a Chapter of Choice
  • Complimentary Golf Handicapp Service
  • Lessons
  • Group clinics
  • Organized golf events & leagues
  • Social activities 
  • Partnerships with golf courses coast-to-coast
  • Product Discounts
  • Business resources
  • Golf competition
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Making new friends and so much more! 


Save $20 by using discount code 2016-KPMG.


Join over 14,000 women from coast to coast that enjoy golf for the camaraderie, connections and fun.


Classic Membership

- $155

Renew at $130 annually

Senior Membership

- $125

(ages 65 +)
Renew at $100 annually

Young Professional

- $75

(ages 18-30)

  • Membership in one (1) EWGA Chapter of choice
  • Complimentary access to all domestic LPGA and Symetra Tournaments
  • Access to EWGA Golf Handicap System
  • One-year (12) issues GOLF Magazine. Subscription valued at $15. (Subscription is not deductible from your membership dues)
  • Personalized EWGA bag tag (for new members only) and member card
  • Educational Webinars
  • EWGA Golf Course Network (discounts on green fees)
  • ClubCorp Member for a Day Program
  • Ability to utilize the EWGA Member Graphic
  • Join Today

Business & Birdies Add-on Package

Additional $195Valued at $1,130

  • Preferred Golf Premium Membership which offers a free round of golf with a two-night stay at participating Preferred Golf member resorts
  • Access to the ClubCorp benefits program which has exclusive clubs worldwide and a personalized concierge service
  • Member of the EWGA Discount Club for one full year with the opportunity to purchase golf apparel and equipment from select vendors at 10% over wholesale prices
  • Subscription to the biannual Women’s Golf Journal
  • Exclusive invite to VIP Receptions at National events
  • Discount on registration for the EWGA 25th Anniversary Celebration and Golf Experience
  • Exclusive blue EWGA golf shirt with the 25th Anniversary logo
  • One of a kind EWGA 25th Anniversary Bag Tag
  • Add-on Now

Membership is an individual annual membership renewable 12 months from the month joined. Membership levels are designed to meet our diverse member community needs. All membership options include one (1) local Chapter affiliation. There is an additional $35 fee if you’d like to belong to more than one local Chapter.