EWGA U.S. Women's Open Challenge

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EWGA U.S. Open Challenge

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Oops, sorry you missed the deadline to enter the EWGA U.S. Open Challenge. Stay tuned next month for the U.S. Women's Open Challenge!

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Introducing young businesswomen to the game of golf


Introducing young businesswomen to the game of golf not only gives them an advantage in their careers, it also provides the golf industry with a customer base that has a high potential for discretionary spending on golf equipment, clothing, instruction, green fees, food and beverage, golf memberships and golf travel. Getting “grads” into “golf” is a winning proposition for everyone involved.

In addition to the benefits received by the students, EWGA Grads to Golf will provide a positive and lasting impact for the participating school. The college or university will have a unique opportunity to create a working alliance among the academic, development and athletic departments in the implementation and delivery of the program. EWGA Grads to Golf will generate positive media exposure for the university, the business school and the women's golf program. University alumni and friends with a passion for the school, and for golf, will become involved as donors, advocates and program "champions."

2016 Grads and Dads Foundation Auction

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EWGA Staff

Association Headquarters Support Team

"At Your Service"

Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, EWGA Association Headquarters is managed by a small, dedicated support team serving as a resource for all EWGA members and Chapter volunteers and to the national golf and business community. The team is the face of the Executive's Women Golf Association. Functional areas include membership development and administration, sponsor and partner development, marketing, Chapter and leadership development, golf events and education, public relations, media relations, and more.

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EWGA Association Support Team Contact Information
Headquarters Phone: 561.691.0096

To contact an EWGA staff member via email, use  first name_last name(at sign)

Jane Geddes
ext. 118

Brian McNulty
Chief Financial Officer
ext. 124

Lauren Farrell
VP Development
ext. 114

Ashley Nelson
Director  of Partner Relationships
ext. 122

Meaghan Francella

Meaghan Francella
Director of Golf 
ext. 111

Jenna Boyce
Director of Golf Operations
ext. 126

Robin Aurelius
Director of IT
ext. 113

Hollis Kerler
Director Chapter Development
ext. 140

Debbie Conklin
Accounting Assistant
ext. 123


Amanda Hoey
Marketing Projects Coordinator
ext. 112



 Contracted Support Team

Jeanne Biggerstaff
Handicap Services Representative


Karen Carlson
Chapter Development Rep.