Women’s Amateur Golf Programs

As an EWGA member, you will have access to a wide range of programs designed for all levels of ability including women who are amateur golfers. These are a few of the most popular programs available. Once you become a member, you simply contact your local chapter for registration details for the upcoming programs.

Get Golf Ready

Get Golf Ready Logo

Get Golf Ready is designed for amateur golfers to teach everything you’ll need to play golf in just a few lessons. EWGA Chapters coordinate with PGA and LPGA Professionals to link EWGA members who are new golfers to a Get Golf Ready clinic in their area. In addition, EWGA is the next step for women who complete the 5 sessions - to help them move from the lesson tee to the golf course in a casual, friendly setting. Here is what Get Golf Ready sessions will cover:

  • The Hole is the Goal – How to get around the club house, social benefits, what to wear, the difference in golf clubs, putting
  • Getting it Close – Stretching and wellness tips; how to hold the club; chipping and pitching; caring for the course
  • Swing, Swing, Swing – The full swing; using your irons; learning the lingo
  • Driving School – Hitting long shots; Tee It Forward; helpful short cuts
  • Ready, Set…Go Golf – Playing the first few holes; tips for playing in groups; driving the cart; review of the rules

Breaking 100

Breaking 100 is designed for golfers who are trying to score around or just above bogey on a regular basis. This program helps golfers learn the physical and course management skills necessary to promote lower scores. Breaking 100 includes the following sessions which are offered as a series and as individual sessions. Instructor guides (IG) and student handouts (SH) are provided for each session.

  • Keys to Consistency
  • Equipment Can Work for You
  • Strategies for the First Tee
  • Getting to the Green in Fewer Shots
  • Simple Shots Around the Green
  • Making Sand a Day at the Beach
  • Putting Made Simple.

How Low Can You Go

This golf education program is designed for golfers who can break 100 and are striving to reach even higher levels of performance - breaking 90 and beyond! How Low Can You Go includes the following sessions which are offered as a series and as individual sessions. Instructor guides (IG) and student handouts (SH) are provided for each session.

  • Keys to Consistency II
  • Equipment Can Work for You
  • Self-Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Managing Challenging Lies and Conditions
  • Strategies for Getting Up and Down
  • Be a Great Short Putter.

EWGA Skills Challenge

The goal of the EWGA Skills Challenge is to provide golfers of all levels including women amateur golfers, a fun way to improve their short game and ultimately improve their scores on the golf course. The EWGA Skills Challenge provides a structured, numerical way to represent a student’s short game skills and to identify key areas for improvement.

Business Golf Connection

The EWGA Business Golf Connection program consists of four rounds which include pre-recorded webinars with handouts. This program can be completed as a group or individually. The Final Round will allow you to assess your golf for business skills on the golf course. Attendees of this program should have a general understanding of the game and be comfortable playing their own ball on a regulation, 18-hole course.

  • Round 1: What is Business Golf? Discover the importance and benefits of business golf, and take a self-evaluation of your business and golf skills.
  • Round 2: Meeting Preparations. Prepare for your meeting on the golf course – choose your guest and a format; gain insight on handicaps, rules and etiquette.
  • Round 3: The Day of the Meeting. Focus on the day of your meeting – dress to impress and conversation on the golf course; understand pace of play pointers, games and betting.
  • Final Round: On Course Experience. Invite a friend to play golf with you and practice what you learned in Rounds 1, 2 & 3. Ask your friend to evaluate her “business golf” experience.