Release and Indemnification Agreement

Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA)
I wish to participate in an EWGA-sponsored event and/or activity and, as a condition of being permitted to do so, I agree to be bound by the following conditions, terms and release. 
I understand that golf is a sport requiring physical exertion, and may involve other individuals, flying projectiles, motorized vehicles and other unknown, unanticipated or unpredicted risks and or hazards, that may expose me to the risks of serious injury, permanent disability, or even death. I am fully aware of, and I assume, these risks.
I understand that EWGA may or may not provide me with any assistance, guidance or training in the sport or the rules of the game and/or golf course being played, but that EWGA's providing such (or not doing so) in no way affects, alters or modifies the terms I am agreeing to hereunder.
I recognize that EWGA cannot control the conditions of the golf course; nor control the conduct of other individuals playing at the golf course or employees/staff on the golf course, or any other individuals (including other Event participants) or uninvited guests; nor otherwise reduce any risk to which I may be subject during any time period I am playing golf.
I acknowledge and recognize that my participation in any EWGA-sponsored Event is voluntary and I undertake it at my own choosing and with a full understanding and awareness of the risks that it poses to me and to others.
I also certify that I am in adequate physical condition and fully capable of playing the game and undertaking any tasks that I choose to perform.
Accordingly, I hereby release and forever discharge the EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association), and their respective officers, directors, agents, and employees, acting officially or otherwise, from all liability, claims, demands, damages, expenses, actions or causes of action, resulting from my injury, disability, or death that may occur as a result of my participating in an EWGA-sponsored Event/Activity or growing out of the negligence of misconduct of others, including but not limited to: other individuals playing at the golf course or employees/staff on the golf course, or any other individuals (including other Event participants ) or uninvited guests; and I hereby indemnify and hold the EWGA harmless with respect to any and all damages, claims, and other expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by the Chapter and EWGA in connection with any lawsuit related to my actions.
I further declare and represent that I have read and understand this release and that I have executed this release freely and voluntarily, and entirely upon my own initiative, and intend to assume all risk and responsibility for my actions.